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How To Get Tons Of FREE Website Traffic To Your Website

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“How To Get Tons Of FREE Website Traffic To Your Website"



Solo Ad Service – Solo Ads Guaranteed Clicks – Solo Ads

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“Get High Quality Website Traffic for Your Internet Marketing Offer”

Solo Ad Service – Solo Ads Guaranteed Clicks

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Friendship As The Way To Get New Customers And Business Partners

By admin On May 27, 2015No Comments

Relationship As The Method To Get New Clients And Business Partners

The online company is an excellent opportunity to make not only cash however new contacts, buddies and future partners as well.Making buddies and building relationships enhance your authority, and makes people pay attention to what you do and exactly what you provide to them.However this is a far away run as a discovering brand-new buddies and establishing their trust in you takes a while. However it’s all worth your effort and in the future you will definitely get paid off. Offer it a shot and see exactly what happens. You might be happily surprised.

Another essential truth is that there are fantastic possibilities to turn your good friend into client and even into the future business partner who will certainly share your vision and enthusiasm caring about the value of your activity. This all can be accomplished by developing your very own authority and reputation in your specific niche as individuals preparing to begin their own major, online business are trying to find someone more skilled who can give them an useful hand and lead them to the success.

There are many methods to discover brand-new buddies and construct relationships that can help you to grow up your online company.

The one of them is taking part in company forums, where the marketers share their expertise, details and provide viewpoints on subjects associated to specific company areas.

Creating your own profile and being important participant of such company community can drive you to making new intriguing contacts and obtaining some very useful information that can boost up your business.The essential thing right here is to construct authority and your very own track record by providing a voice only on subjects you have at least some understanding about and you feel your post might be discovered useful in resolving particular problem.Trying to market your company by replying to every subject no matter what is your level of expertise about it will rather not help you to build your own image as such activity might be quickly identified as a negative by other online forum’s members.

So offering valuable and expert info will certainly help you to build your authority and make brand-new friends.

Another method to discover new people enjoying exactly what you do is social networking.Programs such us Myspace, Yuwie or Facebook are primarily referred to as an excellent place to fulfill interesting people through online communication. Some online surfers use these services for fun which is dead-on however the online marketers consider them as an excellent chance to market their businesses and make new business pals. Social networking it’s about building relationships that have shared and lasting benefit.It’s a great method for individuals from all over the world to make brand-new friend representing the very same location of interests and pastimes. Keeping that in mind Social Networks can be really powerful friendship home builder and powerful marketing tool.

Lastly sharing the knowledge you’ve possessed, being friendly, responding to people requests, communicating with them are the most crucial consider building relationships and trust that can turn your company to the right direction and help you succeed.

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Travel Made Simple

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Travel Made Simple

Taking a trip can be one of the best experiences in life. There are many locations to go and things to see. This short article can help you to widen your horizons and to end up being a traveler. Taking a trip is a vital part of life due to the fact that you satisfy brand-new people and experience new things.

A fantastic journey for traveling to an international nation is to make certain that your immunizations are current. While abroad you will certainly come into contact with individuals all over the world so see to it to keep your health in mind and depend on date on your immunizations.

Whenever you are in an international country, drink mineral water. Nations around the globe treat their water in a different way than others. While the water may extremely well be safe to drink, it might also have additives that your body is not made use of to, which might cause painful problems down the road. Play it safe.

If you are taking a trip abroad and are concerned about being eco-friendly, think about traveling by regional transit or hotel shuttle bus to and from the airport. Also, strolling is a terrific method to take in the scene if the place is ideal. There are lots of cities in the U.S. that provide bicycle rentals as a mode of travel, too.

Lug a list of crucial toll-free numbers, and keep it separate from your wallet. Make a list of the toll-free contact numbers for your bank, along with your charge card. Keep it separate from your wallet, so if it ends up being lost or taken you can swiftly and quickly notify the institutions and get the cards canceled.

Don’t take the entire bottle of shampoo and conditioner when going on a journey. Purchase some little containers initially that are sold in the travel size toiletries area of your regional supplier. Pour some hair shampoo and conditioner into the little containers and take those rather. This will certainly liberate some much required area in your knapsack or travel suitcase.

When starting an aircraft trip with babies or young children, think about selecting flight times that correspond with their normal nap times. Though they might be picky while adapting to the new sleeping environment, their body will naturally be needing sleep at that time and the movement of flight will ultimately contribute to them falling asleep. This will certainly decrease the stress of keeping them amused in a confined airplane cabin.

When taking a trip by air numerous individuals have concerns with the air pressure modifications. A terrific way to take on the air pressure concern is to chew gum when the aircraft is taking off. It will certainly help to keep the pressure from building up and enable you to have a smooth take off.

It has actually currently been mentioned that traveling can be one of the biggest adventures in your life. There are numerous things in this world to experience. By taking this article to heart and following your imagine traveling, you can widen your horizons and experience things that you have actually just dreamed of.

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Network Marketing Tips That Put You A Step Ahead Of Your Competition (3)

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Internet marketing Suggestion That Put You A Step Ahead Of Your Competitors

The name, mlm, can appear frustrating to discover. Beginning checking out the suggestions in this short article to gain more expertise about internet marketing.

Use social networks to develop relationships. By having an account on the social media websites, you have the ability to reach employees and consumers practically instantly. You can speak with them about company or you can discuss common interests. Keep in mind, constructing a relationship is the very best method for your business to grow.

To be successful in mlm, use an old fashioned physical day runner or schedule organizer. You’ll have a lot of hours looking at a computer screen, revitalizing emails and inspecting Facebook. Make use of a paper calendar of some sort to list tasks, visits, due dates and goal times. Use it as a sort of meditation meadow to keep yourself focused on the total forest so you don’t get lost in your hours amongst the trees.

An internet marketing system helps generate leads for you without going out there and bugging your good friends and neighbors all the time. You require to present the opportunity to them also, however if that’s the only way you think you can be successful then you are restricting yourself and striking them up in the incorrect method as well. An internet marketing system suggests unlimited opportunity and a more relaxed approach to developing your business.

In network marketing, when people ask a question, you should offer the info they’re looking for. If you keep an index of topical info, individuals will certainly see your web site as a resource and continue to return time and time once again. Keep your content fresh, beneficial, and abundant, and you’ll see a fantastic rise in visitors.

Open up a dialogue with your network rather of just pushing products on it. Tell stories about your battles and successes and keep individuals updated about the advantages of your projects. Program interest in the activities and plans of those in your network. This will certainly assist you develop good relationships, and can keep your members motivated.

If you are asking people for assistance and advice, ask questions on specific topics. Getting basic recommendations is useful, but often we simply need assistance on the nuts and bolts of getting our business off the ground. Once you find out these specifics, ensure to pass them on to your team.

Don’t forget to make use of tags on your internet marketing posts to your site or blog site. When I’m looking for details on a subject I LOVE posts which have tags that enable me to click on them to find a page listing every short article or blog post with the same tag on it, it makes my browsing much easier.

This article covered just but a part of exactly what you can learn more about multi level marketing. Be sure to bear in mind the product you simply discovered, in addition to to watch for new things to discover. One great approach is to share information with pals who are into multi level marketing, as well. Occasionally, showing friends can help you since they can share some new knowledge with you. Do not hesitate to share this short article with a buddy, assisting them might help you, one day.

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How To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing

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The best ways to Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an extensively engaged business practice where one company benefits another business for generating a brand-new client. In other words, it is a referral program. Affiliate marketing has grown in complexity, and it is difficult for many individuals to begin a program without some help. This short article is implied to offer you with useful ideas to obtain your affiliate marketing program off the ground.

Know who your audience is. When you know who is visiting your website and exactly what they are wanting to discover, then you will certainly have the ability to choose affiliate items that pay. Think about the issues that your audience normally experiences, and look for out items that offer solutions to those problems.

Some affiliate business will certainly desire you to sign an exclusivity clause, but you should prevent doing this. Take note of the small print in any affiliate agreement. If you ever want to branch off and use your website to promote other items, ensure the business you’re selecting now will certainly not try to restrict your development in the future.

The demographics of your site and traffic are essential. You need to ensure that the affiliate advertisements that are on your website likewise market to the very same demographics. It makes no sense to have advertisements for something that has definitely nothing to do with the direction where you desire your website to go.

Promote your affiliate link on material sites. Although this is an old affiliate marketing strategy, it still works supplying you publish high quality, special content together with your link. If you do not have time to write a quality post yourself then consider contracting out the work.

Use your affiliate stats to enjoy which products carry out the very best on your site. Products you might expect to be popular may not sell well as your audience might currently possess them, so think about utilizing lesser known products which your readers might not have even become aware of previously. Enjoy your stats to see how those products perform.

You’ll want to draw in people who prepare to purchase a product when you produce your affiliate marketing links. For example, create content that evaluates a product you’re connecting to and utilize the item’s name plus the word “review” in the title and URL text. This will certainly find people who currently wish to buy the product but are searching for advice.

Your prospective visitors need to be able to find your affiliate website easily. Create a memorable name people can quickly memorize. The name ought to describe the items your merchant offers, so your site just draws in potential clients thinking about your merchant’s product. Do not use foreign or hard to spell words since they will certainly make it harder to discover your site.

Whether your business is small or large, affiliate marketing programs assist to bring in new customers and help networking with other businesses. Although affiliate marketing programs have actually ended up being extremely complicated, by using the pointers from this article you ought to have the ability to develop an effective and lucrative affiliate marketing technique for your business.

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Expert Network Marketing Success Tips For You

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Expert Internet marketing Success Suggestion For You

Multi level marketing, likewise referred to as multi-level marketing, is a sales strategy, in which you serve as an independent representative to directly market an item to customers, while making commissions from your own sales and the sales of new agents that you recruit, to market the company’s product. Whether you are a company considering the use of this marketing technique or an individual interested in offering an item, the following short article is full of essential suggestions to aid you understand this, usually, confusing venture.

When it concerns internet marketing, it is incredibly crucial to think about that your content has to not just be easy to read, however likewise provided in a special way to your customers. This is necessary because you desire people to be drawn in to your material in addition to be able to digest this info rapidly before becoming bored and turning elsewhere.

When you are composing copy for your mlm website, think about how real you sound. If you assert to only be out to make revenues for your downline, individuals will believe you teem with trash. If you state that you like the excellent sensation you get when you see just how much money your down line is making, that sounds more truthful and is therefore more believable.

A fantastic tip that can help you end up being more successful at multi level marketing is to be knowledgeable about how much time you invest in social networking sites. Twitter and Facebook can be excellent resources when it concerns networking, but simply make sure you aren’t squandering too much time on them.

Being familiar with your target market, and market to it. Knowing the information about the market you are entering is a really crucial aspect to network marketing. By understanding as much as possible about your customers, competitors, and sales figures, you can most effectively market your product to your target.

Develop a training system prior to you begin building your down line. Having a training program in place will certainly save you time. A well ready program will certainly help you get throughout all the essential information to your brand-new group. Having the info to evaluate by themselves time, will certainly help provide them confidence in you and in their new company.

Know what IPA’s are and offer them 80 % of your time. Income producing activities are so vital that they have their own acronym. There are hundreds of efficient methods to spend your time, however if it’s anything that a non-leader in your company can handle, delegate it. When the leader focuses on producing income, so does everybody down line.

Network marketing is a sales technique that can be extremely effective if you are educated about the possible dangers and the proven techniques. There are many considerations to take into account with network marketing, whether your business is hiring people to market its items or you are an independent agent attempting to develop your very own sales force. The suggestions in this post are supplied as an overview of help you make the finest decisions about your multi level marketing venture.

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Generate More Online Revenue With These Simple Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Produce More Online Earnings With These Easy Affiliate Marketing Suggestion

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make some additional money from the comfort of your very own home. If you want to create an affiliate site, but have concerns or don’t know where to begin, then this short article is for you. Follow these easy and easy suggestions to get begun on a successful affiliate website.

When picking an affiliate program, make sure that their sales conversion ratio is high. It won’t indicate anything if you’re offered 75 % commission and no person ends up purchasing anything! You need to balance the commission rate with the number of sales you’ll really get and pick the program which provides you an excellent offer on both aspects.

An important tool you have to make use of is link structure. Having other websites connect to your website is called link structure. The more links connected to your site makes your website more attractive to browse engines. The links make the online search engine read your website as being very important.

Keep an eye on your personal budget to guarantee that the affiliate marketing you’re partaking in is in fact paying for itself, and your bills. Include server costs, hourly salaries for the work you’re doing online, including e-mail creation, and dishes consumed while working. This must all be spent for by the commission you’re getting. If it’s not, you’ll need to rethink your approaches.

Ask an affiliate program for references. A trustworthy business will provide you links to web sites who are profiting off their partnership. If the company refuses, or says they do not know, this is probably not a business that you want to deal with. Just pick a company you would be ready to risk your reputation for.

Try not to secure a loan to begin your affiliate marketing company if you don’t need to. Instead, ask a member of the family to buy your new business, giving them a cut of your profits when you begin taking money in. This will excuse you from interest payments and assist your family when you get a real income can be found in.

Think about asking your web host if you can set up an affiliate account with their company and drive people to register for hosting with them. This is terrific if the topic of your site has anything to do with sites, online marketing, or a comparable genre. It really can make you cash, no matter what the topic of your website may be, as many people will produce their own site, individual or business, one day.

Give something out for complimentary in order to make more in return. The goal is to obtain people hooked so they are desperate to come back to you. Ask other online marketers if you can add a few of your material to their list as a bonus offer to their readers. Even consider handing out a small portion of your product so that individuals will understand how fantastic your deals really are.

An effective affiliate website has to be appealing to your online consumers and audience. In order to do so, you have to put in consistent updates and effort to ensure your site depends on date. If you persistently follow these ideas, you will certainly see a large boost in your earnings and results.

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How To Get Traffic Through Web Video

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How To Get Traffic Through Web Video

There is one common goal among all webmasters which is to enhance their page views and traffic. However, the primary question is, how can you do this? With actually thousands of how-to books circling the internet, and bookstores, discussing that they have the “secret” to increased traffic; it is really tough for a web designer to select the right way to acquire traffic. While a few of these books actually have great tips and details on obtaining visitors to your site, there is one approach that has proven itself in the last couple of years as being one of the very best methods to bring in devoted audiences, and possibly clients. This is done through the medium of web video, and it is an extremely powerful technique to creating a prominent website that is checked out by thousands of individual’s everyday.

Maybe among the biggest reasons so many webmasters are using web video as a way to drive traffic is because it is a terrific, and complimentary, way to communicate with possible visitors, as well as providing them with essential info that is fun to see. Internet video is an astonishingly effective way to reveal your viewers information, and inform them of your different web site and products. There are a number of secrets that you should follow when making an internet video for web site promo. When you follow these ideas, you will have the ability to have an extremely successful internet video project, and you will profit of this.

The most crucial key to utilizing web video for website promotion, is to make videos that are interesting, entertaining and above all else, interesting. Individuals will find your videos based on what they have to do with. If you are selling a how-to book on dealing with home devices, the very best way to reach your audience is to make short videos on how to take care of different issues within your house. An example of this would be to make a web video discussing the steps to repairing a leaky faucet. This not just will offer your viewers an opportunity to see how useful your info is, however you will likewise be assisting them out as well.

More than likely, when you provide a web video that addresses a question, the viewers will come to your website to discover other responses to their various concerns. This is a fantastic method to construct commitment with the potential customer, as well as giving them a real reason to purchase your product.

After you have actually compiled a number of videos on your subject, you will certainly then require to post these videos online in order for them to be seen. Yet, the greatest concern is, where should you post you internet videos? There are actually hundreds of various internet video websites that enable you to put your very own video on their server. Nevertheless, the key is discovering the proper site to put your video on. It’s no question that YouTube is the most popular video website on the Internet.

And by placing your video, along with appropriate keywords, on YouTube you will certainly soon be experiencing a circulation of constant traffic to your website. Although, if you do not wish to go through and post your videos on all the numerous sites by hand, you can make use of video submission services to do this for you. Possibly the best from all these systems is Traffic Geyser. This system will certainly send your video to all of the significant video hosting web sites, hence growing your traffic profoundly.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips To Set You Up For Success

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Affiliate Marketing Pointer To Set You Up For Success

When you start a company, you are always thinking of where you will go and the heights you will certainly increase to. Affiliate marketing is an exceptional way to help you reach your goals but letting other individuals help and you, in turn, help them. Here are some excellent tips for affiliate marketing.

Stay concentrated on the material offered on your website. Do not jeopardize your content to much better deal with the affiliate programs you are using because it will certainly trigger you to lose your readers. If you lose the readers, you lose the opportunity to make any money off of the advertisements that you have on your website.

Use long-tail keywords to promote your affiliate marketing product. To do this, look for your item utilizing Google’s complimentary keyword device. Choose keywords that have a moderate following, rather than those that draw in countless hits. By doing this, you will minimize your competitors and have a better opportunity of getting greater online search engine rankings.

Only handle affiliate programs that offer you an affordable commission on the clients you refer. Some programs will attempt to offer you a lesser amount than you must be provided, so you should browse up until you discover one that provides a referral quantity that you are ready to accept.

One of the very best methods to be useful to your readers, is to offer extra resources that concern your website or blog. You want the advertisements on your page to be informative and beneficial. Provide an in-depth book review and lead the reader in the best direction, making use of the advertisements, ought to they wish to purchase the book.

When writing copy for affiliate marketing advertising, include the greatest benefits of the item in the post headline. This makes sure that you will certainly attract interested readers, and likewise assists to separate your evaluation from other comparable reviews of the exact same item. The easier it is for readers to see the benefits of the product, the most likely it is that they will certainly buy.

Going with larger, more respectable companies is always great if you’re an affiliate, however start-ups can also bring a lot to the table. Some start-up companies with items want to offer you big commissions if you can assist them move the products. Keep in mind that you need to always be looking for the current product releases.

Construct your social media following before you start peppering your posts with affiliate links. Develop Tweets or Facebook posts worth reading and you’ll find that your fans are genuinely reading what you share, consisting of links to items you ‘d like them to purchase. The more they trust you, the more they’ll be inclined to buy through you.

Taking on affiliates to increase your business can be a masterful decision. You have to make certain that you follow these affiliate marketing ideas so that you can construct your business and you can help your affiliates construct their’s also, Both parties can benefit with affiliate marketing, so strive to keep it working well.

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Why would you go into joint ventures when there are other kinds of businesses out there?

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Why would you enter into joint ventures when there are other kinds of companies out there?

You may be one of those who have been approached by other companies asking you to do joint ventures with them. Or you may be the one doing the approaching.

If you feel that you have a great item and is ready to enter into a win-win handle certain companies, then you get to delight in the earnings that you will be obtaining from your joint endeavors.

Take into account that when you offer out a joint venture proposition to another company, you need to ensure that you are specific about what you are offering.

Other business will also desire to be ensured that you will be worth promoting. Like you, they do not wish to taint their track records by entering something that sells bad quality products or not trustworthy services.

Some companies might not see the significance or comprehend the idea behind joint endeavors. This is where you need to inform them on what business is about and exactly what they will be getting from it.

If you are the one doing the marketing campaign and is being supporteded by these companies, attempt to offer bulk of the revenues you are getting. This is a way of showing your sincerity in sharing all the advantages you are getting with them.

You likewise get to pay for all the marketing expenses. If you believe these are all too much, fast forward into the future and consider the steady stream of profits you will be getting when the company is currently developed. By investing some today, you will certainly have it back doubled or perhaps tripled.

On the contrary, if a business approached you and wished to market to your customer list and utilize your endorsement, you will certainly wish to keep many of the earnings. That they are just developing their client list by selling to your customer list, you would desire to be sure of their reliability first.

You still have to understand if they are a reputable company. It would be dissuading if you discovered in the end that what they are providing is not really made of quality and good service. Your reputation is put in line of fire too.

How much money should you anticipate in a joint endeavor business?

The quantity of cash you will get when you do a joint venture is totally based upon the offer you have actually set up with your partner. If you are going to market to another business’s customer list, you get to take a smaller part of the revenue.

If it is the other method around, expect to pocket more of the profits you both have actually gotten.
In joint endeavors, there are truly no guidelines set. All of it depends on the services or products you are offering, the expense of advertising and the deals you have made with your partner.
What should you do to accomplish a successful joint venture marketing?

If you are approaching another company in need of their recommendations, be certain that they currently have a strong and stable trust built up with their clients.

If you see that they are in continuous contact with their consumers, then it is a sure indication that their clients trust them enough to preserve interaction. It likewise follows that the more their clients trust them, the more cash they are making.

Some business even need to send just an email to their customers to tell them about the latest item and these clients will certainly respond quickly and purchase from them. This need to be the sort of company you need to do joint venture with.

In addition, you would wish to provide an item in your joint venture that is of high quality and has the capability to yield more profits. This should was initially and foremost in your mind particularly when you are approaching a big company.

How do you get begun in joint venture?

You can attempt to do it alone and have the benefits all on your own.

However the best thing to do is discover business that you think will be really useful when combined with yours. You do not desire to have remorses later simply because your joint venture is not working the method it ought to be working.

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Working From Home, Freelance Business Opportunities

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Working From House, Freelance Business Opportunities

Working at house in a freelance job implies that you are not guaranteed a routine pay cheque. But the benefit is that you can make a lot more cash.

So what type of jobs can you do as a freelance operator?

The best sort of work involves innovative ability. Working as a freelance writer can be lucrative. Your business could involve writing text for websites, writing short articles and sending them, being a ghost author for a hectic executive, evidence reading as well as just standard data entry.

Understanding ways to use the internet is valuable because typically you will be asked to blog about subjects where your very own knowledge is extremely limited.

Working at home as a totally free lance web designer can be rewarding if you comprehend internet website design and are a bit of a techie! According to recent reports 53 % of little companies now have a site. This implies that there are still 47 % of companies that do not have an internet presence.

Another area of opportunity depends on getting targeted traffic to existing and new web sites. The majority of people assume that as soon as they construct a fantastic website, traffic will certainly come naturally. This is far from real.

Another kind of business that you can work from home is turning your enthusiasm for taking photos into a significant complimentary lance company opportunity. With the development of digital cams this is not as expensive as it used to be and you can view all the images on your computer screen before choosing which ones to use and which ones to print!

To make it successful working from house it is very important to end up being excellent at one skill. There are numerous opportunities out there for individuals who are committed and can carry out a job well.

Working from house is likewise becoming extremely popular with larger companies who allow their workers to work from home. This allows them to keep excellent personnel who feel they want to spend more time with the household. If more business followed fit then just maybe there would be less traffic on the road throughout heavy traffic.

Right here’s to your success.

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Looking For Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies? Here’s Some Advice!

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Looking For Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies? Here’s Some Advice!

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money, but if you don’t know how to do it, becoming successful can seem like a daunting task. It’s not as complicated as it can sometimes seem, though. Here are some great, simple ideas for making your affiliate marketing efforts more successful.

If you’re proficient in Photoshop or any other editing program, you can actually help increase your affiliate sales by designing your own banners and other ad formats and then linking back to the affiliate site. Just make sure that you check with the particular affiliate to see if they allow you to do this.

Ask family and friends to help you while you’re building your affiliate marketing business. Maybe your sister can drop off some leftovers at the end of the day in return for your babysitting her kids for a few hours a week. This will give you more time to work instead of throwing unhealthy processed foods in the microwave to eat in a hurry.

If your website traffic is coming from areas like Asia, then you should check out alternative social media sites that cater to that community to have a profile on. By doing this you could find a wider audience for your affiliate marketing, in turn driving more traffic to your website than using just one or two commonly used social media sites from your country.

To ensure maximum profit with affiliate marketing, look for companies that will pay you for sales that come from different places, not just from your site. Try to find a company that is able to track sales by email, fax, or phone. When you find a company that offers this, your profits will greatly increase.

Offer visitors to your website exclusive content or services if they make a purchase from the advertisers in your affiliate marketing program. Do not restrict vital information this way, but make sure that visitors who do buy get something of definite value out of your websites bonus content. This will encourage both purchases from your affiliate and repeat visits to your website.

Many sites allow you a free trial in order to see what their services can do for you and give it a try before you commit. Often times not all tools are made available to you, but they give you enough for you to see exactly how the programs will work for you.

The best way to get utterly reliable persistent income out of your affiliate marketing efforts is to look for the magic combination of subscription services and lifetime commissions. An affiliate partner that sells a subscription to its customers makes money regularly, and if they offer you a perpetual commission on those customers you get as close as possible to a guaranteed income.

This collection of tips should help you navigate the waters of the affiliate marketing world with confidence and wisdom, so that you know how to direct your energy, to make your business or businesses, as profitable as possible. Soon, you’ll be so good at affiliate marketing that you’ll be able to give other people advice!

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